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Hours of Operation

We deliver to the beach and bay areas of San Diego

Monday-Friday: 5pm-9pm

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 9am-9pm

Our Firewood

All of the firewood we offer is clean burning, hot burning, and well seasoned. Types include: Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus, and Pinyon Pine.

*All of our firewood meets City and County of San Diego regulations for fire pits.

**Discounts are available for larger orders.

**Bulk deliveries are available if bundled wood is not required.


**$6 Per Bundle Delivered**

All bundles consist of 6-8 pieces of wood equaling 1 cubic foot or greater. Our firewood is priced 15-20% cheaper than grocery store bundles, burns hotter and longer, and is delivered right to your fire ring.

To Place an Order

call Wayne at

or e-mail us

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